Discover your strengths with the only assessment specifically designed for lawyers. Uncover your unique traits to lean into your strengths with a LexStyles Work Styles assessment. Enjoy a more fulfilling and rewarding career through our science-backed personality insights platform designed by psychologists and legal experts.

Shekhar Parmar founded LexStyles in late 2021. A lawyer, serial entrepreneur, and previous executive search consultant specializing in the legal industry, Shekhar always felt there was a way to improve the process of hiring lawyers by helping his clients evaluate fit better and before the candidate started. After building a team of legal, data science, and culture experts, LexStyles launched in Q2 2022 with a single goal: helping lawyers find their perfect fit. Which in turn would help lawyers and legal teams become more engaged, more effective, and happier.



“As lawyers, most of us have asked ourselves at one point or another about where we belong, what’s the right work environment for us, and why we are not as happy as we could be in our roles. When I was a legal recruiter I noticed that most of those questions came down to what was going on in our personal lives, how we fit into our work environments, and/or our own approach to how we work that was usually leading to those feelings of dissatisfaction. But how do you measure fit? How do you recognize if your work style is in line with your groups? And if not, how can you overcome those difficulties to create a more positive and productive environment for yourself?

When I went looking for a tool to help me do that, I realized that there were none made specifically for lawyers or the practice of law. So we built one.”  – SP

Introducing LexStyles – the worlds first scientifically validated psychometric work preferences assessment tool designed specifically for lawyers! When you take the assessment you receive a LexStyles Work Styles Report. The report provides contextualized insight on 171 unique behavioral traits, allowing lawyers to further understand their strengths and weaknesses. Each report is about 50 pages, and equipped with tools and tips that can immediately be applied. The assessment and report has been created by behavioral scientists, psychologists, lawyers, and entrepreneurs to bring to market a much-needed tool.

LexStyles is currently going through a rigorous validation process to provide the most scientifically sound tool for lawyers. During our Beta phase which starts next week, the LexStyles Work Styles Assessment and Report is free to for the first 300 lawyers who take it. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover about yourself for free!

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