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Predictive Marketing Automation for Law Firms
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Marketing Automation for Lawyers Core Features

Law Shop Marketing offers predictive marketing automation for lawyers and law firms that works

Email Marketing for Law Firms

Whether you need to send a quick one-off email to a targeted segment of your list or build a drip campaign to nurture your prospects along, it’s easy to do it in our Law Shop Marketing automation software.

Workflow Automation for Law Marketing Campaigns

Take repetitive marketing tasks for your law firms and automate them. Law Shop Marketing software workflow builder is easy to use, super powerful, connects to everything you need, and saves you time.

Autoresponders for Law Firms Marketing

Take action once your prospect fills in a form on your law firm’s website! Easily respond to them or start a whole chain of events using Autoresponders. No programming is necessary!

Call Tracking for Law Firms

Many law firms still rely on incoming calls for new business. Law Shop Marketing Call Tracking helps lawyers understand which campaigns make their phone ring.

Dynamic Website Content for your Law Firm Website

Law Shop Marketing Dynamic website content lets you customize the marketing and what’s pitched on your law firm website based on what you know about the prospect. Change CTAs, promotions, show relevant locations, and more dynamically.

Popups for your Law Firm Website

Law Shop Marketing popups are super flexible. You can trigger them off what they’re doing on the website or what you know about them, and the content can be personalized as well. Get super powerful popups that help convert more visitors on your law firm website.

Appointment Scheduling for Lawyers

Book client meetings right inside your salespeople’s calendars! Law Shop Marketing software will only show open timeslots, the meetings book inside your Google or Law Office calendar, and we’ll even remind the prospect about the meeting.

Better ROI Tracking for Law Firms

Law Shop Marketing can do better ROI tracking. Get revenue data from your CRM, track it to the marketing channel that brought it in, and do true ROAS reporting.

Visualize your law firm marketing impact

Law Shop Marketing automation software has a full set of reporting and visualization tools that allow you to visualize your campaign effectiveness like never before. Understanding who is responding to your law firm marketing efforts and which aspects of your efforts are providing the biggest impact is easy with Law Shop Marketing automation software.